uhhuh The Adventure of a Lifetime
The Adventure of a Lifetime
Steelfoxrun's Runescape Blog

Hello everyone! Steelfoxrun here and this blog's going to be mostly about Runescape and my adventure through it! I'll be posting updates on my leveling, graphics, and even some pictures and fanfics I did myself here. I hope you guys enjoy!

This also serves as a RP/Ask blog for my character as well!


"And it’s time to cut the wire."


Dammit Sliske, get off my blog!


w a t e r


"Am I good enough?"

The burdens of a World Guardian.

Even though my char overall is a happy-go-lucky (and somewhat egotistical) klutz, I always thought that he had some sort of insecurity when dealing with the pressures and decisions he has to face as a World Guardian.

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